EZ Cams VIP Stream adult video chat rooms

This is one of the latest places we’ve checked out on the web. It’s called ez cams and at one time, long ago, had lots of girls available for live video sex chat. A while back the ezcams affiliate wegcash basically called it quits and sent notice that they were no longer paying adult webmasters for sending customers with thier affiliate programs. I am pretty sure that would be a final blow to site.

With so many better web cam portals to find girls and guys, and with so many of them having lots of other web sites and webmasters providing customer’s and traffic from sites all around the net, I do not see how the ezcams site will survive in the long term.

Quite frankly I am really disappointed that wegcash has gone south. It just goes to show you that adult internet companies can fail, not matter how big they appear to be. I think wegcash had quite the presence in the AVN adult industry magazines for quite some time. They probably had a fancy booth setup at one or more the internext, or other adult industry trade shows. Now wegcash is poof.

Well, there are better web cam chat options today – let’s explore those.

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