2010 the year of chat roulette cams

I was amazed to see the chat roulette had jumped up into the top 100 google searches for 2010. I guess I shouldn’t bee surprised that some kind of instant random voyeur cam site has taken off, but the jump it got from being no where on the radar to one of the top searched sites. Whoa!

Personally I enjoy the overall concept, and I think if it was done a bit different, then it would be a really very cool chat cam experience. I am talking to some friends of mine about some code ideas to make it more fun and focused for the individuals that are using it. Hopefully we will see some of my ideas incorporated into a new tipping based chat roulette style web site this year in 2011!

Of course we may see all kinds of cool things come to the web, and the technology that we all use to conversate and socialize with. I am guessing there will be more 3d options in the near future. I saw a 3D webcam on the walmart site recently. How long before that becomes mainstream and start looking to holograms? I also think the more things get real on the internet, the more people are also searching for more realistic, yet more un-real and fantasy.

This is why we see more and more people also using avatar based chat systems these days, like second platform and the utherverse community. People are looking for more faken-ness really, more fantasy than reality. Just like the more realistic film making gets, people are still drawn more to paying for fantasy flicks than for straight up documentaries.

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I love the fact that there are so many mature women sharing their sexual side via live webcam. Any time of the day or night, when you need to feel a little better about life, or the world, log on and have fun. The cam gals are here to make the world a better place, and I love that.

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